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I Discovered the Best Makeup For Acne

Just about everyone at one point or another has to deal with bad skin in their lives. For most of us the worst is over by the time we hit our twenties, but there are often the telltale signs that remain, including scars and discoloration.

Finding the best makeup for acne prone or scarred skin is the toughest part of dealing with the aftermath of acne, or with concealing any breakouts. Some makeups of the best makeup for acne covering is a good foundation not just a basic beauty routine.

When looking for foundation for bad skin, it’s important to note that the best makeup for acne does not cake, or dry the skin, or settle into creases and scars, as this will usually end up accentuating, rather than concealing problem areas. In traditional circles this would mean a good concealer and some sheer cover liquid foundation but that still has a tendency to cake and settle and if you have serious scarring, then it really looks unnatural.

Enter airbrush makeup. Celebrities look so damn good on the silver screen in high definition- why? Answer: Airbrush makeup. You look like you have perfect, flawless skin with no makeup on by airbrushing on makeup. The answer to blemishes is airbrush foundation which effortlessly hides the most embarrassing scarring.

One of the best kept secrets is that airbrush makeup is the absolute best for acne prone or even scarred skin because of how it covers, blends and layers, leaving the skin looking perfectly soft and natural by using the skins own pigment to match and merge. To watch airbrush makeup conceal a tattoo seamlessly and completely is a powerful demonstration but to do it in a way that makes it look like there never was a tattoo is an entirely different story. That type of coverage is undoubtedly the best for people with skin conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will airbrushing foundation on clogged pores make my breakouts worse?
A. Absolutely not. Airbrushing formula is the best makeup for acne prone skin not only coverage wise, but it is also the lightest and least clogging type of foundation out there.

Q. Can airbrush foundation help stop breakouts?
A. No. Applying airbrush makeup over pimples is the best makeup for acne prone skin and will not add to the problem.

Q. Why is airbrush makeup the best makeup for blemishes?
A. Apart from the great coverage, airbrush foundations are also hundreds of times more hygienic than other liquid foundations and applicators, as the only thing to tough the skin is air and makeup many dermatologist recommend airbrushing for cleaner skin.

There are many makeup companies which claim to be the best makeup for acne, but there is only one sort that really stands up to the test of flawless, seamless all day coverage that looks natural, and covers not only breakouts, but scarring and pigmentation, its kind of like having Photoshop in a bottle!