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Today, it takes just a few moments to enter the all important eye test details when buying either reading glasses or prescription glasses online, then you can concentrate on choosing a great frame design from an endless range of fashion brands for both men’s glasses and women’s glasses now available on the market.

However, it’s important to remember that your prescription refers simply to the lens details for each eye. Your online opticians will require you and to enter both the frame number and the related pupillary distance, irrespective of whether you’re buying cheap designer glasses or standard prescription spectacles.

Remember to check the numbers to be found on the inside of the frames of your current eyeglasses, as these will be specific to your frame dimensions and all numbers, normally presented in pairs, will be printed in millimetres.

The first pair of numbers refers to the actual eye trendy men glasses glass width of the frame.

The second pair of numbers refers to the bridge, or the width of the frame across the nose.

The third pair of number refers to the length of the temple or the arm.

It would be very unlikely indeed that you would need to change from your existing frame dimensions, so all that is required is to enter the number exactly as you find them on your current glasses.

Once you have completed entering the details of your prescription and the frame size numbers, the final information required is the P.D, or pupillary distance.

Pupillary Distance is a measurement, in millimetres, between the centre of one pupil to the centre of the other – or in other words – determining exactly where the lens goes in the frame so that your point of focus will be aimed through the right portion of the lens, called the optical centre. The average PD for adults is around 54-68 mm but extreme accuracy is vitally important, especially for those who require a higher power of lens.

Whilst both frame size numbers and pupillary distance might be unchanged, it is always essential to undergo regular eye examinations, at least once a year and more frequently for the over 40s, as prescriptions will alter over time.