Bt Yuns Business Astrology Compatibility and Zodiac Sign Compatibility Report

Astrology Compatibility and Zodiac Sign Compatibility Report

The zodiac signs say a lot. Originally they were used for navigation purposes. However today, there is a belief in astrology that says that the zodiac sign of your birth can foretell how your daily events will go and whether or not there is some compatibility in your love life. You may have a good day or a bad day all based on what the stars have forecasted for you.

Zodiac sign compatibility seems to loom the most in people’s minds. They check their sign against that of their partners. They read their daily horoscope and tend to believe that it is true. Some people are religiously devoted to astrology and how it affects their every day lives. Some people base their relationships on the zodiac to tell them if they are compatible.

Compatible zodiac signs are probably the most used for some people in determining their astrology love compatibility with another person. Is this merely hocus pocus or is there something that relates to when you were born, which in turn dictates how you will behave and what will happen to you?

The first known celestial coordinates come to mankind from the stars. The zodiac signs were used to determine one’s place in the universe and were navigational guides in the darkened sky.

The ecliptic, or the cycle of the twelve stations along the 12 astrology zodiac signs dates, meanings and compatibility sun’s path, through the heavens was a valuable tool. Later, the science of astronomy became less interested in the prediction of one’s day and love life, and more upon the science of the stars.

There is more to its sign than what is used primarily today by Western cultures. Many other cultures have their own versions of the zodiac. Take for example the Chinese zodiac sign, which is not only used to identify a birth month but also the birth year and works on a twelve year cycle.

Each year is represented by an animal, such as a rooster, dragon and tiger. The sign in Indian culture, along with the Chinese zodiac sign, relies heavily on a different set of constellations due to how the earth’s rotation and the sun’s rotation have changed over the years.

Humanity turns to the stars at night to watch the constellations, yet it was not that long ago when the constellations were used as navigational guides around the world. Astrology and astronomy worked together to map out the heavens but somewhere along the line astrology split from astronomy and became based more in mysticism than in actual science. The zodiac signs have become a way of foretelling the future for some followers. Whether or not it is true is entirely based on your point of view.