Bt Yuns Business 4 Cool Dog Apps That Every Pet Owner Should Have

4 Cool Dog Apps That Every Pet Owner Should Have

We live in a world where technology is advanced and many of the things we need are just a click away on a computer or on our mobile phones. We download apps on our phones for many reasons – for fun, entertainment, information, for socialization and many more. Did you know that there are numerous cool applications for your dog as well? If you’re a pet parent, you will find them useful whether you’re looking for one that is for medical emergencies, training tips, general health or simply for fun.

Download these dog apps that are a must-have if you have a pet dog:

Pet First Aid

This one is from the American Red Cross, available in both iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free. It offers useful information and advice about a dog’s general health issues, emergency medical situations and first aid. It also features video demonstrations which includes dog CPR. There are also fun quizzes and a section where you can input your pet’s information.

Rover – Pet Sitter and Dog Walkers

Like the name of the app, vist through Rover is where you will find someone to sit or walk your fur baby for you when you can’t. It lists over 50,000 dog walkers or pet sitters that you can choose from. Don’t worry, Rover does strict background checks and offers 24/7 support, a reservation guarantee and insurance. Some cool features of Rover include connecting with nearby sitters and walkers, paying them through the app and even being able to receive photo updates from them. This app is by and is free to download for both iOS and Android phones.


iKibble is a dog app by Llamaface and is free on iOS but a paid app ($0.99) for Android. It is a great application that is all about dog food if ever you’re unsure if anything is safe or not to feed to your pet. iKibble features a comprehensive list of foods that are rated whether they are safe or unsafe for canine consumption as well as information about a food item. You can search alphabetically or by various categories.

My Pet Can Talk

An application by Rongyan Xiao and is available and free on iOS, My Pet Can Talk is for fun and entertainment. Upload a picture or a video of your fur baby and this app makes him talk. With thousands of positive reviews on iTunes, My Pet Can Talk is a cool dog app to have.